Estamos ad-portas del lanzamiento de una nueva edición de nuestro juego favorito Magic, The Gathering, una edición relevante por ser el aniversario número 25 de este gran TCG.

Y como nosotros sólo vemos el lado “commandero” de las cosas, esta edición re-edita 10 criaturas legendarias, que podrían ser tu próximo comandante…

¿Por qué no?

Es por eso que les dejamos un decklist para cada criatura legendaria que encontramos en las profundidades de internet.

¡¡¡Bienvenidos a Masters 25!!!

Akroma, Angel of Fury




My attempt at making a stable mono-red EDH deck. This deck has gone through many iterations, and I’ve settled for this build due to the reliability I’ve found the deck to have. Mono-Red is a challenge for playing EDH, and I was not interested in building a one-trick pony, but rather a generally robust deck that is relevant for all of my group’s matchups.


I’ve focused especially on the following elements and principles, at the cost of some flash and overall raw power:


Stable, reliable, hard ramp. Each game should have a robust if not explosive mana ramp through the many rocks and mana doublers like Gauntlet of Might I’ve included. Mycosynth Wellspring, Pilgrim’s Eye, and Journeyer’s Kite are nothing to sneeze at and keep your hand full. The large amount of artifact mana make board demolishers like Devastation, Wildfire, and Bust insanely asymmetrical and in your favor.


Building relevant board position. Mono red famously suffers from lack of tutors, competent ramp, recursion, and resilience after sweepers. I’ve focused for this reason on building a Swiss-army knife of cards to cover one element of the game while waiting to draw into others, but not be overly passive about it. Aside from sweepers like All Is Dust and Blasphemous Act, the instant-speed Inferno, Starstorm and Rolling Earthquake have proven themselves far beyond my expectations, and with Repercussion offer terrifying and relevant offensive wincon-level attributes to the deck.

Relevant spot removal. Red also suffers famously from being able to deal with enchantments. I am never sad to draw Chaos Warp (derp), Unstable Obelisk and even Duplicant, which takes care of nasty indestrucibles like Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre.

Efficient creatures. Every creature >4CC is a relevant win condition in itself, or at the very least make for a nice distraction requiring an answer. Most double as board controllers, like Rimescale Dragon and Scourge of Kher Ridges, both of which can quickly get out of control. Add to that damage doublers like Furnace of Rath or Gratuitous Violence, and things can turn over very quickly; even if only to speed up a game that’s going too slowly!

Exploit Akroma’s raw power without being predictable. There is no subtlety with Akroma, Angel of Fury – equipping with e.g. Fireshrieker is often just icing on the cake. Everyone sees her, knows her, and is expecting her. The trick to the deck is to screw around enough with other relevant dangers and disrupters until she can become the straw that breaks the camel’s back when she finally comes out. Get your land count high enough to cast her several times in a row or to equip her in the same turn and haste-attack just comes with the territory with this deck, this element of reliability complements well what the deck slogs together along the way.

It takes a few turns to get going, but is IMMENSELY FUN to play, and reliable in multiplayer games that go for more than 4 turns.




Akroma, Angel of Wrath




Just something fun I threw together awhile ago with the help of some friends.

Nothing to complicated, a very casual EdH build. Just big dumb critters carrying clubs.

What EdH is all about.


Psalm 78:49:

“He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels among them.”


Psalm 34:11:

“Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.”




Animar, Soul of Elements




The idea of the deck is play value creatures (I know, not original) and to see how much of the board you can throw on the table, and to not go inifinte, I find infinite combos to be boring, because they make each game the same. Sun Quan, Lord of Wu and Magus of the Future are cards I consider unique in the deck that really excel the deck to another level.


A hidden win con is Primal Surge, as the rest of the deck is made of permanents.


This particular decklist is a generic version so people can see the normal price, should they choose. Here’s a list of what mine looks like, for those interested:


Zendikar Resurgent is an all star in the deck.Other cool combos:

Cryptolith Rite + Hateflayer + Seedborn MuseDraining Whelk + Temur Sabertooth Actually come to think of it Temur Sabertooth allows for some really dirty and gross stuff in the deck…Also Maelstrom Wanderer + Momir Vig, Simic Visionary , Consecrated Sphinx + Heartwood Storyteller + Sages of the Anima (sages optional) make for serious card draw




Azusa, Lost but Seeking



Fairly self explanatory, Throw lands down, play whatever you draw


Courser of Kruphix, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Oracle of Mul Daya, and Lost in the Woods will let you cycle through the deck pretty quickly whilst laying down your land base or protecting you.  Abundance is amazing especially when combined with Horn of Greed and anything that allows you to play lands down (see: everything in this deck)   A land destruction suite with lands Strip MineWastelandTectonic EdgeDust Bowl . You can afford to lose lands because you are Azusa and Azusa never runs out of lands.

  BUILD OPTIONS, you can generally build Azusa however you want, these are some extra options. Wasteland is optional because it costs a pretty penny, replace with a good ol’ forest if you don’t commit  Snow-forests>forests but they don’t come too cheap, if you do go that route grab a Scrying Sheets and possibly Extraplanar Lens   Feel free to trade a fatty for another fatty, Worldspine or Ulamog, it really doesnt matter   If you grow tired of the deck, as it is pretty gimmicky and usually plays the same every time, it’s easy to retool the ramp into whatever other deck you want


Brion Stoutarm



Suck my (I decided to make an actual description for this deck because people are actually looking at this one. Thanks for that btw. Anyway, this was my best take on a control type deck, even though it isn’t really a control deck. I suck at control. The best way to play this deck is to steal other people’s creatures and control the board with stuff like Act of Treason, and then throw the creatures back at them with Brion Stoutarm. Most of the cards in this deck are aiming to accomplish this. Otherwise, you can throw your own creatures like Phyrexian Dreadnought to poke people down. Remember that Brion has lifelink too, so you will end up gaining a shit ton of life. The cards outside of these two win cons are generally either removal or protection for Brion. Let me know what else you think I should add, and thanks again.) bing


Darien, King of Kjeldor



The North Remembers


I was excited to see that Wizards was deciding to go mono-colored for their new commander set, as I have always wanted a mono-white EDH deck. I basically tore this deck apart and re-built it to focus on token production. With Darien, King of Kjeldor at the helm, I can make tokens without even trying. Alongside cards like Knight-Captain of Eos and Martyr’s Cause, I can negate any damage dealt to me. And with Suture Priest, Healer of the Pride, Soul Warden, or Soul’s Attendant on the field, I can take the damage to give me tokens, and then gain that life right back.


Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated


Notable Combos:


Darien, King of Kjeldor + Knight-Captain of Eos + Martyr’s CauseCity of Brass + Darien, King of Kjeldor + Tarnished Citadel


Gisela, Blade of Goldnight



Sugar + Spice + Everything nice = Gisela, Blade of GoldnightHello and welcome to my Gisela, Blade of Goldnight angel tribal EDH deck. Most games will finish with a severe beat down of flyers, 21 commander damage to most opponents, Aggravated Assault + Sword of Feast and Famine , or landing Avacyn, Angel of Hope + Catastrophe and watching my friends concede.


Bonus Combo!


Seraph Sanctuary + Archangel of Thune Muhaha 😛 


Grenzo, Dungeon Warden


Grenzo pauses at the threshold of the first cell and listens, his pointy ears cocking backward to catch even the slightest sound. Nothing. He snickers, grinning to reveal sharp, pointed teeth with rotting meat still lodged in between them. Leave it to the humans to appoint a Goblin warden of a prison full of Goblins. The Elves wouldn’t have been so stupid.

After a year of waiting, the time is ripe. Grenzo knows he’s something of a prodigy among Goblins, but he’s still amazed by how foolproof his plan is. He slides a key into the rusty bolt and then opens it slowly, stepping back. There’s a snuffling from inside, and then a yelp of glee.

A small, stunted Goblin pokes his long, crooked nose out of the door and sees Grenzo for the first time.

“I have a plan for you, little one,” Grenzo says. “You hate the humans, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” the little Goblin yelps, jumping up and down. His eyes bulge intensely, almost as if they are going to pop out of his head.

“You want to kill them very much, don’t you?”

“Yeah yeah yeahyeahyeah,” the Goblin squeals, slobber running down both sides of his mouth.

“You want to sink your teeth into their grimy necks?”

The Goblin can’t contain himself anymore and voids himself, dripping onto the rough concrete. Grenzo smiles and takes out a small, round metal object out of his cloak. He flips the Goblin over and straps the bomb to the creature’s back.

“I want you to listen very closely. You’re going to run down this corridor and take a right.” He motions with his hand in the right direction. “At the end of that hall you’ll see a door. On the other side of the door is nasty human guards.”

Before he can finish the Goblin is up and running, squealing with delight. Grenzo grins crookedly and proceeds to the next cell. Only a few hundred more to go…


Hanna, Ship's Navigator


Deck style that is centered blue (silver) and white (gold) artifact recursion. The primary goal of the deck is to lean to make use of artifact combos to control the board and play bombs with minor combos. The use of sacing and recursion is also taken advantage of, and the use ETB effects like Spine of Ish Sah and Duplicant are heavily used. This deck is very mobile and can combo off other cards fairly easily, with plenty of tutors to grab what you need when you need it. Any suggestions would be highly welcome for the theme of the deck and must have artifact cards that fit the playstyle.


Ihsan's Shade



Built on Ihsan’s flavour text: weak, fallen, betrayer, suffering. That and flavourful art, so Anson Maddocks, Mark Tedin and others from much older sets where I can. Cards like Ritual of the Machine , Knight of Stromgald , and Nether Shadow.


Build devotion through cheap Knight creatures along with sacrifice effects then reanimate and corrupt the opponents threats using Reanimate and other effects.


Built out of 2014 Sworn to Darkness mono black deck


First EDH deck. Normally a modern player, so be gentle.



Iwamori of the Open Fist


Obviously, the entire point of this deck is to play Iwamori and one-shot people. After all, he is a 5/5 with Trample with CMC 4. WOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE POWER!!!!!!


True, your opponents get free Legendary creatures when you play him. Even big, dumb creatures like Avacyn, Angel of Hope. But that’s fine! Iwamori always seeks a worthy opponent. Bring ’em on! Then Savage Punch them in the FACE!!!! Even Avacyn. It’s fine, just do it.


Since this is a Voltron deck, commander damage is the main win condition. There are several powerful pieces of equipment, as well as a couple spells and creatures that power Iwamori up. However, all the fun is in doubling his power as many times as possible!


Step 1: Create obscene amounts of mana. Karametra’s Acolyte does a good job, as does Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx/Gaea’s Cradle and Deserted Temple.


Step 2: Use Wine of Blood and Iron as many times as possible. Throw a Berserk in there too, for good measure.


Step 3: Attack for literally millions of damage!


Yeah, the deck isn’t great and would probably work better with a better commander. But hey, it’s fun!


And when it all comes down to it, I’m just a guy who plays Magic for fun!



Jalira, Master Polymorphist


Sort of a Polymorph themed deck. Not the typical Polymorph deck with only a few creatures and most of them Eldrazi, but this version with blue beatsticks and leviathans works just as well for half the price. And is very flavorful if I do say so myself.


Jalira, Master Polymorphist is really fun as a commander. A little token production and you can turn your 1/1s into some of the baddest creatures imaginable. Training Grounds makes her ability even more accessible.The deck consists of a huge rang of low cost scry and card draw effects, along with the usual counterspells, which power up Chasm Skulker and Talrand, Sky Summoner respectably.The scrying allows you to dictate your next move as usual, but also allows you to funnel the big creatures back down the deck so that you can more effectively Polymorph later on. 

Many of the flavor cards like Turn to Frog and Ovinize actually serve as really neat combat tricks. If one player is attacking with a creature that is bad for everyone involved, we can turn it into something that just about anything can kill. Even the 1/1 Thopter and Myr tokens produced by this deck.


Thopter Assembly followed by Mass Polymorph next turn. Spit out 5 creatures in exchange for 1/1 Thopters. Polymorphous Rush with Blightsteel Colossus and a bunch of tokens??? I think so!!!+1s and comments would be greatly appreciated.


Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon"




This deck is a token of my appreciation for token decks.




Nicol Bolas



A single caress is all I need, to lay your soul bare and scour your consciousness from all the worlds. Come, and feel the sweet emptiness of oblivion


Might of the Triggers is a collection of magics and fiends, gathered by the Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas, with the intention of having is own army with the power to destroy others with a single touch. To this end, a wide array of creatures have been gathered, all with powerful combat trigger related abilities, to undo your enemies. Their attacks will be bolstered and amplified, until nothing is left of your enemy; not even their mind.


I’ve taken some comments into consideration (thanks!), made the mana base better, cut a few creatures for some more mana rocks and added some draw and replacements. Honestly I kinda forgot about this deck so suggestions still welcome!!





Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind



Just a Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind commander deck…..


who says you only get to draw 1 card per turn? this deck really abuses drawing power… from creatures to spells, it has so much to offer…. that and it is extremely fun to play


The Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind version I actually use is the Duel Decks: Izzet Vs. Golgari one, but I like the original version better…..


And yes I know that Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind is horrible… it is included for flavor purposes mainly.




Prossh, Skyraider of Kher


It’s a control based deck with a ton of removal and board wipe to keep my opponents still while I drag the game to get to the late game without many problems. The early game is still the weak spot, but when the deck gets going and my board state is powerful, there are few deck that can withstand it.

My main problem is super aggro decks that kills early on, because if I don’t have removal in my hand, I’m done (I’m assuming that most of these decks use their general to kill so fast).

But if I can built my board, there are powerful combos (mostly involving tokens) that makes prossh really scary, here are some examples:

Prossh, Skyraider of Kher + Vicious Shadows for a huge deal of damage.Parallel Lives + Prossh, Skyraider of Kher for a lot of tokensFresh Meat + Prossh, Skyraider of Kher for a lot of 3/3 tokens, also works well with board wipes.Fungal Sprouting + Prossh, Skyraider of Kher for a lot of 1/1 tokens.Dragon Throne of Tarkir + Prossh, Skyraider of Kher for an Overwhelming Stampede a turn.Insurrection + Prossh, Skyraider of Kher take control of everything, strike, sac all creatures from my opponents.Dictate of Erebos + Prossh, Skyraider of Kher for a sweet soft lock where my opponents can’t play a single creature without having to sac it.So, to sum it up, it’s a control deck that relies a lot on removal and board wipe and abuses the synergy between its general and the tokens it produces to win.


Ruric Thar, the Unbowed


Super creature heavy deck (59) with Primal Surge as the only non-permanent card. resolving it, most likely ends in a win. just put permanents with primal surge onto the battlefield until you reveal a haste enabler Anger, Ogre Battledriver, Urabrask the Hidden; a way to pump your board Craterhoof Behemoth, Pathbreaker Ibex; and some type of evasion Archetype of Aggression, Champion of Lambholt, Nylea, God of the Hunt , Stonehoof Chieftain , Thunderfoot Baloth , Siege Behemoth. you can stop resolving primal surge at any given time once you are satisfied with what you got.


the deck plays a lot of draw that synergizes with creatures and a little fight subtheme Guild Feud, Ulvenwald Tracker, Gruul Ragebeast, Domri Rade, Foe-Razer Regent.


Wins a fair amount of games and is a blast to play.




A Stangg deck that revolves around him and Warstorm Surge effects. Thats all I really need to explain, but if there’s any effects I missed, I’d really like to hear about them. +1 please, and suggest anything that needs to go in!


Thalia, Guardian of Thraben




“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and the existence of fucking annoying white weenie decks”
-Ben Franklin


An attempt to make an EDH Death and Taxes deck. If you’re familiar with the Legacy deck, the concept is similar. Using mana restriction, removal, tap effects, and other tempo strategies, lock the opponent down into submission




Vendilion Clique




This is my current EDH deck. It is BY far the best deck I have ever assembled, and I have put a ridiculous amount of time and money into this deck.


Feel free to leave any comments or questions, and don’t forget to +1 if you like it




Zada, Hedron Grinder




This is my second experiment with hyper-budget EDH decks (after $25 Extreme Budget $idisi EDH), and I’m loving how smoothly it plays!


This one is based upon my successful Zada deck (Red Scare: Zada EDH | *PRIMER*), and the main goal is as follows:– Make as many tokens as possible.


— Target Zada with spells like Expedite that draw me a card for each creature I control.


— Cast a card like Twinflame or Chancellor of the Forges that doubles my creature count for a turn (bonus points for casting Twinflame while you control CotF, thus quadrupling your creatures).


— Cast multiple large buffs like Screaming Fury or Downhill Charge , then swing for lethal. Alternate win conditions include Burn at the Stake and Ignite Memories (currently in the maybeboard).


The deck currently tends to storm out around turn 6 or 7, which is quite respectable for a deck that costs less than a commander precon. However, this deck is actually below budget at the moment! This means I can add some more expensive cards from the maybeboard.


What would you add, and still keep the price below $25? (Note: $25 on TCG-Low is about $40 on TCG-Mid, so we have about $15 of value to play with.)





Si ustedes ya tiene su propio mazo con alguno de estos comandantes lo pueden compartir con la comunidad en el siguiente link